Arcane Sanctums

Tutored in the Halls of Magic at the mystical city of Dalaran, sorceresses and priests diligently study their mysterious arts within the depths of the arcane sanctum. Over time, continuous study provides additional reserves of mana and the mastering of ever more difficult spells. It is also here that magical sentries may be called to allow the human towers to detect invisible enemy invaders.


Eversong Woods
North Sanctum, near the entrance to the Ruins of Silvermoon
West Sanctum, north of the Sunsail Anchorage
East Sanctum, in the middle of the Dead Scar

Sanctum of the Moon, west of Tranquillien
Sanctum of the Sun, southeast of Tranquillien

Isle of Quel’Danas
Sun’s Reach Sanctum, south

Arcane Sanctums

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